Friday, 17 October 2008


Me and Stevie went to see Dirty Pretty Things' show in Camden (their last in London..?) and it was pretty cool. Not sold out strangely enough but that didn't matter, it was crowded and the kids went wild! The band began a little unfocused I think, it felt as if they were just doing their job but at the end they got into their normal groove and they started to rock my skirt off! I mean, they literally rocked my skirt off - I felt something around my ancles after jumping up and down like a freak, and there was my skirt. Oops!
I somehow ended up at the front, totally against my will but you don't fight the force of an exciting crowd. But I was able to get some good pics and vids, at least until the security-guy told me to "put my fucking phone down" otherwise he'd kick my face in. Pffh, that's not a way to talk to ladies!!
But here's one video for you, sorry for the crappy sound but it's not easy to get a good sound with a mobile-phone in the front-row! And I managed to get some of the security-work in it as well.

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